Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Bar... High Five!

Everyone always gets excited about alternative and funky places these days (which is fair enough since Perth is severely lacking), and let's face it, they are cool.

Who doesn't love cushions?!
Another spot to add to that list is Five Bar on the evergrowing Mount Lawley strip. You walk in to a combination of wooden timber and polished concrete, where every theme contradicts itself yet makes so much sense! There's velvet couches, high wooden stools, a verandah type setting near the rear (complete with big cushions and a sun roof), vintage lamps, chandeliers, detailed wallpaper, walls of exposed brick... do you see my point? But it all works.

Housing a fantastic range of bottled and draught beer, including casket-brewed Hop Hog, there is no shortage of selection here. Their liqueur and wine offerings will accomodate the majority of taste-cravings as well.

Five Bar
Foodwise, Five have tid bits to pick on, small snacks and a brief menu of some delectable sounding mains. I'm always a sucker for fetta stuffed peppers and kalamata olives over drinks, but their chunky cut chips with curry mayonnaise was a different treat altogether!

Also, which possibly matters more to me than others, the service is great. By great I mean attentive, friendly and actually engaged with the customers' needs. Competing businesses please note -- Good service IS important.

Give me Five!

Five Bar
Open Monday to Saturday 11am until midnight, Sunday 11am until 10pm
560 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
0467 534 267
fivebar.com.au (wesbite coming soon)

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