Friday, February 17, 2012

Shake it, cake it or just chill out

Every town needs a place where one can hang out any night of the week without being lame or intoxicated. Ask... and Greens & Co shalt deliver!
Greens & Co
This funky bohemian spot in the heart of Leederville is a great place to meet up with friends, colleagues, fellow students or possibly special 'someones'. There is nothing worse than trying to create decent conversation in a bar when heavy bass is abusing your eardrums and you have a beer stain on your right bossom from the guy that just bumped into you.

Greens & Co work with cakes, milkshakes, ice cream, coffee and sandwiches... so it's almost like a diner from the 1960s when majority of the population lived in a PG rated world.

The custom made wallpaper consists of old concert and festival posters (very cool), the uniform is by the individual (also cool), decor consists of low tables, couches and milk crates, which sit below a ceiling full of hanging lanterns that gently sway to let you know the air is circulating (uber cool).

My last visit consisted of a whopping slice of lemon meringue with a caramel milkshake. Heaven.

Oh and they have a great contingency plan if you get stuck with bad company or if your date is nervous beyond words... they have board games and books!!

Greens & Co
Open daily, breakfast until 11pm
123 Oxford St, Leederville
(Their phone number doesn't work!)

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  1. Try the lime brulé there- it KICKS ASS!! spot