Friday, February 10, 2012

How the art scene is evolving in our isolated city...

This wombat is originally from Perth and has spent the last three years in Melbourne, the world's most liveable city and now number one holiday destination in Australia as of late last year. So you can imagine my scepticism on moving back and fear of walking down to a bar and thinking "Where is everyone? Did I miss the apocalyptic memo?" 

Although much remains the same here on the sunny side, vibe has evolved significantly and I thought the Spiegeltent was going to be my summer highlight!? Festivals and events of all sorts are popping up everywhere and I can't wait to peek inside Heath Ledger Theatre (bless his Guildford Grammar cotton socks), which serves as one of the many venues for the 2012 Perth International Arts Festival starting today! 

Dennis Rollins, Perth Festival performing 13 February at Festival Gardens.
It has circus acts, theatre, visual arts, opera, contemporary and classical music, family events, festival films and loads of free shows too! Perth Festival incorporates the Perth Writers' Festival, plus they're running the Great Southern Festival as well. So if you're not in Perth city, relax they're coming to various WA destinations too.

A complete plethora of events and venues scattered around town, giving Perth an extra little stamp that marks us on the map. *Fist pump!*

2012 Perth Festival
Friday 10 February to Saturday 3 March

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