Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There's little false in Falsettos

Previously known as Mends Street Hall, the Old Mill Theatre company has been running since 1959 but had the hall formally re-dedicated to them in celebration of their 60th anniversary during 2009. Located opposite the well sampled Windsor Hotel, it's one of the most historical buildings in South Perth.

The theatre is host to plays throughout the year and in the past has included Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Daisy Pulls it Off and Lady Windemere's Fan to name a few.

This week marks the closing shows of Falsettos, a musical by William Finn and Director John Milson. The Italian title translates to 'Little false' and follows a modern family through a time when social rules are changing and sexual choices are in the midst of being liberated -- fun times for parents everywhere!
Sharon Wisniewski, WA's première of Falsettos' cast member
According to critics this show will have you laughing and crying (possibly simultaneously) throughout. I don't know about you but I revel in any opportunity where my emotions get so confused they cross paths!

Have nothing on over the next few days? Falsettos is on every evening at 8pm until Saturday 18 February (this Saturday for all my simpletons out there). Tickets are $25 and $20 for concession, enjoy!

Until Saturday 18 February
Old Mill Theatre, corner Mends St and Mill Point Rd, South Perth.
08 9367 8719

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