Tuesday, March 20, 2012

E-Zee to love Ezra Pound

It's not too often I walk down a street in Perth and then back peddle to see what I've missed down a small laneway, but with the hustle and bustle of Ezra Pound echoing out onto William Street my curious senses were tingling.

This little secret has been around for a few years, but still remains relatively hidden to the naked eye (I don't understand nude eyeballs). The laneway wall is splashed with works by local artists, the ancient cash register still operates fine (cash only by the way) and the alternative atmosphere encourages individuality and stepping out of one's comfort zone. Ezra Pound offers quality beverages and service, expecting you to be a good guest in return -- in other words there is no time for upturned noses in this joint.

I know it seems like I am a fan of alcoholic based venues and all but... oh wait, I am. Scratch that last sentence. My beverage of choice here is the Aspall apple cider from Suffolk, England, served on the rocks in a beautiful... jar. I am fond of this glass jar concept, which takes me back to memories of top Melbourne art scene venue, 1000 £ BEND.

Ezra Pound is open until midnight most nights and is a cosy spot to catch up with all sorts. 

If you venture out to find them, you shall have your reward.

Ezra Pound
Open Tuesday to Saturday 1pm until 12am, Sunday 1pm until 10pm
189 William St (Williams Lane), Northbridge
0415 757 666

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